AbiWord 2.64

AbiWord v2.6.4 Released

AbiWord 2.6 is a multi-platform word processor that combines state-of-the-art usability, powerful features, and excellent interoperability. Furthermore, it features a powerful framework for supporting custom extensions. AbiWord v2.6.4 is the latest stable release, which compared to v2.6.3 contains a good number of bugfixes.

This release includes the following changes (and more!):

# Fix a long-standing plug-in loading issue on Windows (this closes more than 20 separate bug reports).
# Fixed inconsistent text rendering and layout with different zoom levels on Unix platforms.
# The usual set of OpenDocument filter updates, most notably the added ability to import MathML formulas.
# Include experimental collaboration support using the AbiCollab.net web service (disabled by default as we expect some final protocol changes are needed; feel free to compile and play with it though!).
# Add the ability to export specific pages and page ranges on the command line using the PostScript and PDF exporters on Linux.

Example: abiword --to=pdf --exp-props="pages:1-5,7-9"

The full changelog can be found here.

Note for Windows 95, 98 and ME users: AbiWord 2.6 is currently not available for your operating system. Please continue using AbiWord 2.4.6 instead.

Fize Size:6080KB

Availability: Download Here


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