Pfrank 2.21

The latest official version of PFrank is 2.21

PFrank has been continuously improved since its introduction in January, 2005. If you are using any releases before 2.21, then it would definitely be worth upgrading so you can take advantage of the latest features.

As part of the latest enhancements, PFrank can now be used for more than just renaming! It's always had the ability to add/modify comment tags of image/MP3 files or modify file properties like last modified/created dates or read-only or other attributes but the features were fairly basic; just enough to get the job done. Now these features have been greatly enhanced.
The Comment Editing controller now saves any newly added comments into a database that is used for an auto-lookahead feature which allows for much faster updating of future comments. Comments can also be imported into the database from various sources. These new comment editing features are considered BETA as I have more to add in the future. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements!
The File Properties modification GUI has also been greatly enhanced.

I could go on about all the features available with PFrank but the list is too long to list on the main page.

Fize Size:4590KB
Language:English O

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