Artweaver 0.5.3

Artweaver is a simple Freeware program for creative painting, i.e. Artweaver offers you all artistic effects which you need for your work.

You can create sketches from photos and experiment with a wide range of brushes. The brush simulation is thereby so realistic as possible.

Advantages of Artweaver

* Support of many different digital brushes e.g. chalk, charcoal, pencils...
* Standard image editing tools like gradient, crop, fill and selection tools.
* Transparency and Layers support.
* Effect filters like sharpen, blur, emboss and mosaic.
* Support for the most common file formats like AWD (Artweaver), BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PNG, and PSD (no layer support).
* Pen Tablet support for a realistic feeling.
* Support for many languages through language files (Columbian Spanish, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, ...).
* Artweaver is Freeware.

Download Artweaver


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