Pictomio 1.0.15

Pictomio is an application to manage, organize, and archive your photo collection and to create elaborate animated slideshows. Utilizing the processing power of the latest 3D graphics cards, Pictomio offers techniques and effects only used in 3D games before. Pictomio's use of 3D-accelerated user interfaces incorporating dynamically calculated animations and effects provides you with a completely new user experience.

Latest Changes:
Optimizations + additional features
Improved and renamed transition 'Burn' (now 'Dissolve')
Added option 'Show offline files' to file attributes filter that toggles the display of files on detached media
Double click on thumbnail in slide show editor now appends the picture to current slide show
Crash when changing filter setting
Blocking in carrousel while indexing a folder
File dialogs can be confirmed with enter key now
Context menu in TreeView offers 'Update database' and 'Rename' for all library folders
Last displayed image is still shown after changing to a folder with no pictures
Folder icons are not displayed sometimes in file and import dialog

Pictomio 1.0.15
Fize Size:6392KB
License : Freeware
Type : Graph Picture

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